Clothing, footwear and accessories stockists

Leading importers and exporters worldwide

We are at clothing, footwear and accessories stockists at M&A Export, a leader in import-export worldwide. Our company – the brainchild of young entrepreneur Alex Mazzurco – has been operating on the international market since 2012, and during these years we have grown exponentially to become a benchmark for all stakeholders in the industry.

On the one hand, clothing, footwear and accessories manufacturers and distributors need to solve the problem of left-over stock; on the other hand, traders and outlets need to get supplies at appropriate prices for their target market.

We are at the meeting point between fashion brands and retailers. As clothing, footwear and accessories stockists, we acquire remaining stock and put it back on the market through our channels. We manage unsold and defective stock, e-commerce returns, and all small or large-volume stock. Thanks to an established distribution network, we resell in more than 60 countries worldwide.

In this way, we also extend the life cycle of the items, making an important contribution to environmental sustainability. Large fashion companies play a major role in the production of textile waste, but with our service they can reduce their impact on the environment, complying with international regulations and for the benefit of everyone. 99% of the garments we acquire at M&A Export are put back on the market, with only 1% actually being disposed of, and we are always open to new partnerships for certified waste disposal. About this, we are members of Corertex, the textile reuse and recycling consortium.

We are a solid, structured and reliable business. Thanks to our verifiable financial reports, 30 new companies just like yours have decided to partner with us in the past year.

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