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Textile reuse and recycling: M&A have joined Corertex

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21 November 2023

We are already operative at M&A Export when it comes to circular economy in the fashion industry since we extend the life cycle of textile products with our services. We put 99% of the garments we acquire back on the market and eliminate only the remaining 1%. However, we wanted to do more. We wanted to commit further to textile reuse and recycling in order to minimise that 1% waste, so this is why we have become a member of Corertex.

Corertex, textile regeneration excellence

To underpin our commitment, we have decided to turn to the Italian business that brings together the history and innovation of textile regeneration, and which is recognised worldwide as an excellence for this reason. In fact, the birth of Corertex – a textile reuse and recycling consortium is the natural evolution of a tradition that dates back to at least 1850 and has its roots in the textile district of Prato.

In an ecosystem of companies serving the entire supply chain, the culture of textile regeneration developed hand in hand with production and soon led to the conception of dedicated technologies and processes, which have been implemented and optimised over time. More than 100,000 tonnes of textile material are now recycled annually in the Prato district.

Corertex was therefore born in Prato from the union of companies operating throughout the country, which wish to raise the standards of the textile industry and give a more structured and concrete response to the recent European regulations on textile collection, reuse and recycling.

Our commitment to textile reuse and recycling

The consortium promotes the development of its member companies and coordinates the collection, sorting, reuse of textile waste and recycling of textile materials, including offcuts.

At M&A Export, we carefully select the clothing items we collect, so as to minimise waste and extend the life cycle of most products. By joining Corertex we are certain our no longer marketable products will be further selected to be reused as secondary raw materials or recycled to make other goods.

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