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Fashion Import/Export: new developing markets

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4 June 2024

The international fashion scene is undergoing a major transition: many developing countries, in Africa, South America and the South-East Asian regions, are emerging as hubs of innovation and growth. The dynamics of fashion import/export, which are reshaping the industry, are among the driving factors behind this evolution.

Local industry growth

In some countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, the fashion industry is witnessing significant growth.

Domestic demand is on the rise, thanks to more widespread wellbeing and an expanding middle class. In response, local design is creating distinctive brands and products that reflect and interpret local cultures and traditions in a somewhat contemporary manner.

Export of local products and import of Western fashion

With the growth and assertion of local brands, many developing countries are turning to international markets to export products. Traditional fabrics, handcrafted accessories and unique clothing ranges are increasingly popular and in demand abroad.

However, consumers in these regions continue to be attracted to Western brands and fashion products, which is presumably also due to an increased awareness and sensitivity to everything related to fashion. But mainly because of a higher spending capacity, albeit reserved for a minority of the population. This minority can and wants to have specific access to prestigious brands, especially Made in Italy European fashion, without having to shop abroad.

These new consumer hubs are an interesting opportunity for all those brands struggling with the issue of unsold stock.

Exporting stock, whether it is excess production or mismatched products from past seasons, brings many advantages. It allows goods to be placed back on the market, turning a cost into a profit. It extends product life cycles, fuelling the circular economy in the fashion industry, and its sustainability. It offers the chance to explore new markets and extend its presence.

The key role of M&A Export

At M&A Export, firstly we know the needs of brands and secondly, we know the demands of the market, even in developing regions, thanks to a multilingual team and an established distribution network with which we resell in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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