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Why is sustainable fashion important?

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28 September 2023

There are increasingly more brands offering green collections. But sustainable fashion is not just a passing trend, it is above all an urgent and real necessity. In fact, the fashion industry has a huge negative impact on the environment and must ask itself what it can change in its processes for the good of the planet.

Indeed, fashion companies are in a privileged position. As they play a key role in climate change, any steps taken to make fashion more sustainable could have a truly positive impact and make a real difference. This is also because fashion brands and designers have a huge influence on people.

Consumers alone may not be able to change things, instead fashion companies can wield great power with their decisions. And profit can no longer be their only motivation because the issue at stake is protecting the environment.

The role of consumers for sustainable fashion

Environmental sustainability has been a major topic of public debate for some time now. People talk about it in all spheres and at all levels, as it is an issue that concerns everyone.

Even consumers have started to become aware of it and consequently decide how to guide their choices and spend their money. If it is true that they alone cannot save the planet, it is also true that their purchasing decisions are decisive for brands. And if people start looking for sustainable clothes, made from eco-friendly materials and with a minimal impact on the environment, fashion companies must take this into account. Their image, as well as their turnover of course, depends on it.

Sustainable fashion: a global approach is needed

Some brands and designers are using a number of good practices to integrate sustainability into their business models. And considerable progress has been made in recent years: from innovations in material composition to the boost given to circular economy in the fashion industry. However, there are also many challenges and obstacles that the entire industry needs to face.

Indeed, making fashion sustainable is a multifaceted goal, requiring the collaboration of many different players. Among the many things, reliable suppliers and controlled supply chains are needed, as well as greener raw materials, from responsibly sourced natural fibres to synthetics derived from recycling or scientific innovation. Optimised production processes are needed, which will generate less waste, fewer harmful emissions and less water wastage. There is a need to implement circular economy: encourage reuse, the purchase of vintage and second-hand garments, as well as rental. There is a need to identify internationally agreed standard procedures for textile waste collection and recycling. But first of all, a major cultural change is needed.

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